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All God's People

All God's People is a weekly news video highlighting the people of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The Pacific Union includes the states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah.

  1. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” February 19, 2021 S5:E06

    Calexico's Zoom Radio Show Class

    When Bernardo Sámano first started delivering instruction online, it didn’t take him long to make up his mind about Zoom. As Religion and Spanish teacher at Calexico Mission School, Pastor Sámano knew it was hard to keep students engaged and paying attention on Zoom. So he had an idea—why not start a radio show? First, Sámano got a green screen to place behind him. He designed a background that looked like a studio and then found an upbeat instrumental song he could play as students join the class. He starts by welcoming everyone to XEKJ radio, La Voz de la Guajolota. When students talk to him, he picks up his phone to engage the student "calling in." Students can request special songs, which Sámano says connects the class as well. What an innovative way to keep his students engaged!

    Watch the Video:

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    Calexico Mission School:

    La Sierra University Health Services, Virology Lab Join Forces in Fighting Covid

    Public health officials have identified widespread testing as one of the best ways to help control the COVID-19 pandemic and save lives. In keeping with this guidance, La Sierra University has bolstered its disease detection efforts with the rollout of new, rapid-test equipment. In mid-January the university’s Student Wellness Services Department deployed a rapid point-of-care PCR Cepheid GeneExpert Express molecular testing system. It will function in conjunction with a saliva-based screening process developed last summer by Dr. Arturo Diaz, a virologist who studies positive-strand RNA viruses of which the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a member. The dual investment in rapid testing and the saliva-based process in Diaz’s biology lab allow the university to cast a wider net in confirming the presence of SARS-CoV-2. The university began offering weekly saliva-based testing to all staff, faculty, and students on Feb. 8.

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    Chaplain Barry Black’s Prayers

    Barry Clayton Black is the 62nd chaplain of the United States Senate. He began serving as Senate chaplain on June 27, 2003, becoming the first African American and first Seventh-day Adventist to hold the office. The Senate selected its first chaplain in 1789.

    Chaplain Black is an outstanding speaker. His sermons at Adventist gatherings over the years have blessed us. But his prayers in the Senate during the past few weeks have moved an entire nation. On January 7, after the attack on the Capitol, his simple yet powerful prayer eloquently called us to remember that "words matter." Chaplain Black offers pointed spiritual guidance in his prayers, reminding members of the Senate that they are answerable to a higher calling than the demands of their base. They serve democracy and justice.

    Last Friday, Feb. 12, Chaplain Black offered this prayer for the Senate jurors: "Lord, infuse them with the spirit of nonpartisan patriotism. Unite them in their effort to do what is best for America." He doesn’t preach doctrine; he urges integrity. Integrity and unity is a wonderful prayer, not just for senators, but for All God’s People.

    Barry Black Senate Bio:

    January 7 Prayer:

    ~ ~ ~

    Then Peter began to speak: "I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right."
    – Acts 10:34-35 NIV

  2. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” February 5, 2021 S5:E04

    Highlighting Black History Month

    Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also devote a month to celebrating Black history.

    To learn more about Black History Month, click the link below.

    An Interview with Lawrence S. Dorsey, Sr.

    We were delighted to talk with Pastor Lawrence S. Dorsey, Sr. this week about the importance of Black History Month. He shared memories and insights about the relevance of it today, in 2021. Lawrence Dorsey, Sr. is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Oakwood University. He entered the gospel ministry in 1980 in the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He presently serves in the Southern California Conference as senior pastor of the University Church in Los Angeles. Pastor Dorsey's first love is evangelism, and he is the author of two books, including "Born to Preach." Learn more about University Church - Los Angeles.

    University Church Facebook

    “Born to Preach”

    University Church Website

    “For Christ himself has brought peace to us. He united Jews and Gentiles into one people when, in his own body on the cross, he broke down the wall of hostility that separated us.'”
    – Ephesians 2:14

  3. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” January 29, 2021 S5:E03

    Stockton Church Organizes Giveaway of 183 Bikes—

    During the Christmas season, churches throughout the Northern California Conference found numerous practical ways to inspire hope that carried forward into 2021.

    During a giveaway at the Stockton Mayfair church, 183 people—aged two to over 60—received a bicycle for Christmas. During the event, the parking lot was full of hope as participants waited for their number to be called to choose a bike.

    The project was partially funded by a grant from the North American Division, which has sponsored bike giveaways at other locations. To promote the event, members distributed fliers in the neighborhood, Pastor Rudy Peters appeared on a local television program, and the church spread the word through social media.

    The event will make a difference in people’s lives for years to come. "So much comes along with [having a bike]," said a father as he lifted his small daughter onto her new bicycle. "Being in her life, being there to teach her how to ride it—it’s a forever bond, a forever memory."
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    Behind the Scenes of Fresno Central Church's Tuesday Food Giveaway—

    With COVID-19 continuing to spread, and millions of Americans still out of work, one of the nation's most urgent problems has only grown worse: hunger. Seventh-day Adventists in the Pacific Union have stepped up to serve—like never before. Our churches and members are continuing to meet needs in their communities.

    Fresno Central church in the Central California Conference has a food giveaway every Tuesday morning, and recently, Pastor Daniel Gouveia took his camera and went behind the scenes to show what it takes for the church’s community service team to get ready, pack boxes, and open the gates for the people waiting in line.

    And it’s not only much needed food that they give away—they have a table with books and literature, and they encourage people to study the Bible. The pastor asked various volunteers what they love about serving and why they do it every week. Thank you, Fresno Central, for your hard work and commitment to feeding the hungry.

    Watch on YouTube
    NPR on Food Insecurity in the US

    Santa Clarita Teen Helps Feed Those in Need—

    In Santa Clarita, in Southern California, Arianna Laolagi is doing what she can to provide food to those in need in her community.

    In February 2018, Arianna founded "Meals That Heal," a volunteer-based Christian collective with 100% of its proceeds dedicated to aiding homeless and unemployed people in L.A. County. Since its formation, Arianna and her organization have helped more than 400 homeless people. The team cooks hot and nutritious plates of food and distributes them alongside hygiene care packages.

    After schools were shut down in March, Arianna, with the help of the Pasadena church and the Meals That Heal team, organized a contactless drive-through grocery giveaway for nearly 100 families who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Nurse Uses Music to Promote Healing—

    Doctors and nurses in San Bernardino County are swamped as a surge of COVID-19 patients continues to pour into hospitals. Tad Worku, a trauma nurse at Loma Linda University Medical Center, uses music to help heal patients and to help them recover by managing their stress during the pandemic. With his guitar in hand, he plays and sings for patients and hospital staff. Worku performs outside the hospital in Loma Linda—and his music cheers up the healthcare workers inside too, because they can watch him perform live from their computers. What a beautiful way to witness to patients and hospital staff!
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    "The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'"
    – Matthew 25:40

  4. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” January 22, 2021 S5:E02

    An Inauguration, Constituency Sessions, and more...

    On Wednesday, January 20, we were all inspired and encouraged as we witnessed a peaceful transition of power in Washington, D.C.

    Despite the unrest of recent weeks, the peaceful transition from one administration to another went forward in our American government this last Wednesday. There have been so many prayers ascending, asking for God’s blessing on the affairs of our nation. As we continue to express thankfulness and gratitude for God’s grace, let us also continue to pray for our leaders, that they will be led by God and will govern with integrity, compassion, and justice.

    There is news this week that impacts our church as well. For the second time in 10 months, members of the Executive Committee of the global Seventh-day Adventist Church have voted to postpone the quinquennial session of the denomination, originally scheduled for late June of 2020, due to challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The General Conference session is now scheduled for June 6-11, 2022, in Indianapolis. Read the Adventist Review article via the link below.

    The Pacific Union Conference Constituency meeting is scheduled to take place August 15-16, 2021, in Tucson, Arizona. More information and details about the meeting will be coming in the weeks ahead.

    News from Adventist Health

    Adventist Health serves more than 80 communities in the West Coast and Hawaii. Founded on Seventh-day Adventist heritage and values, Adventist Health provides care in hospitals, clinics, home care agencies, hospice agencies, and joint-venture retirement centers in both rural and urban communities.

    Their compassionate and talented team of 35,000 includes associates, medical staff physicians, allied health professionals, and volunteers driven in pursuit of one mission: living God's love by inspiring health, wholeness, and hope. Their efforts in caring for COVID-19 patients, distributing vaccines, and providing for their workers have been highlighted in the media these past months.

    Adventist Health White Memorial hospital, a facility that's been besieged by the COVID-19 virus and inundated with patients, is getting some help now from the California National Guard, the state, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Read more from NBC Los Angeles news via the link below.

    Hospitals have been offering the first vaccinations against COVID-19 in their communities. Just as crucial as properly storing the vaccine or administering shots is the health education that accompanies them. One of those on the frontlines of health education is Dr. Ronald Reynoso, chief medical officer at Adventist Health Bakersfield and Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley. Read the informative Q & A with Dr. Reynoso about how the vaccine works via the link below.

    And from Hawaii—Adventist Health Castle begins vaccinations for seniors over 75 who live or work in Windward Oahu. See link to this story below.

    Religious Liberty Focus, Jan. 23

    Every year on the third Sabbath in January, Seventh-day Adventists around the world take time to remember the God-given gift of religious freedom.

    On Religious Liberty Sabbath, we take time to reflect on the precious gift of religious freedom and we pray for the many millions of men, women, and children who continue to suffer harassment, discrimination, and even imprisonment or physical harm because they choose faithfulness to God, no matter what.

    Religious Liberty Sabbath in North America will be commemorated tomorrow, on January 23. Through our prayers, we can support our brothers and sisters around the world, and we can express our support for freedom for all people, no matter what their faith.

    In the January Recorder, we have a special four-page insert on Religious Liberty that you can download from our website. These four pages are a great way to share Religious Liberty with your family and friends.

    Special Religious Liberty Insert

    Religious Liberty Sabbath

    ~ ~ ~

    “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
    – John 8:36

  5. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” December 18, 2020 S4:E50

    Nothing stops Christmas! It’s Christmastime—even though the plans we made had to be canceled. It’s a season of celebration—even under new restrictions. Joy is the currency of Christmas—and it is the birth of Christ our Savior that is the reason for the season and brings joy to our lives!

    In this episode of All God's People, join us as Pacific Union Conference President Ricardo Graham talks about some of his favorite things about Christmas.

    Additionally, we have a huge Christmas treat from Hawaii! A big thanks to Matt Webster and Miki Akeo-Nelson from the Hawaii Conference office for making this happen. And a shout out of appreciation to these outstanding teachers:

    From Adventist Malama Elementary School - Cathie Workman, Joann Talitonu, and Shannon Kaneshiro.
    From Hawaiian Mission Academy - Zoviel Charles and from Hawaiian Mission Academy Windward Campus, America McColley.
    From Kohala Adventist School - Jackie Millar.

    Joy to the World and Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii to All God’s People.

    ~ ~ ~

    Stay tuned! We'll be back in 2021 with Season 5 of All God's People. Happy Holidays!

  6. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” December 11, 2020 S4:E49

    Messages from our Pastors at Christmas

    The holiday lights are everywhere as people try to capture the joy and festive spirit of the Christmas season, in spite of the times we are living in. One giant blessing this year has been the way our pastors all over the Pacific Union have responded to the pandemic. They have kept us connected, engaged, and inspired—all while going through the same challenges we are all facing. Today we feature two of our wonderful pastors.

    Todd Leonard is the senior pastor of Glendale City church in Glendale, California. He is an amazing pastor, one who is willing to share openly and honestly about his own personal mental health journey while staying connected to his congregation and inspiring them with dynamic messages. Firmly believing that robust spirituality develops when a broad diversity of people come together in community, Pastor Leonard and Glendale City church continue to live their mission of revealing the love of Christ in all its tenderness and grandeur to the community in which they live. He joined us by Zoom recently to talk about mental health, especially during the holidays.

    Glendale City Church

    Glendale City Sermon Archive

    Chanda Nunes this summer after searching for more than a year for the right candidate. Pastor Nunes has served the Northern California Conference since 2015, most recently at the Capitol City church in Sacramento, California. She is the first Black woman pastor to serve within the conference, where she was ordained in June 2018. We close our program today with her Christmas devotional.

    Watch More from PUC

    ~ ~ ~

    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
    – Matthew 11:28-30

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